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How do we operate?

Our mission

EAGLE CARGO SERVICES (SL) Limited aims and intends to successfully achieve the goals set by considering some values and good services to our customers.

As a branch of an International Freight Forwarding Agency, our prime objective is to fulfill our client’s requests in a win-win solution.

How do we operate?

Our vision

To you customers, it is our hope we will continue to cooperate in strengthening business relationship, sharing experience, and putting forward positive thoughts which will help both of us move from where we are into a more promising future.

To facilitate this, our infrastructure is composed of offices, affiliates, and dedicated business alliances across the globe.




EAGLE CARGO SERVICES (SL) Limited was established 27th November 2017 in Sierra Leone. EAGLE CARGO SERVICES (SL) Limited is a branch of EAGLE CARGO SERVICES (UK) which was founded in 1999.


Hands used

EAGLE CARGO SERVICES chain management services are designed to ensure that each step of your logistics chain is carefully coordinated and managed. Our staff is comprised of professionals who are committed to securing the process to meet your requirements.


Satisfied clients

Working in conjunction with you, the client team will develop, implement, and maintain standard operating procedures that will suit your specific needs, thus becoming the fundamental document upon which, we will operate your logistics chain.


We facilitate our customers by making cargo consolidation by Air/Sea which includes the transportation of cargo to the stuffing point, stuffing the cargo into the container, processing shipping documents with customs, use of premium Air/Shipping lines and make sure that the cargo will reach the respective destination well before the stipulated time given by the customer.


To monitor the exact progress of your merchandise through each step, you’ll appreciate our global data processing and sophisticated communication network. These Onward Cargo systems have been designed to make the entire process totally transparent. That way you can make decisions based on real facts and real time. Knowing exactly where your merchandise is any where, at any time will eliminate the guesswork on your part.


Where time is of essence for certain shipments, airfreight is the natural choice. EAGLE CARGO SERVICES (SL) understand why valuable time must not be lost. Our highly skilled employees care about your merchandise as much as you do, processing and overseeing each detail of every stage, so your merchandise arrives safely and as quickly as possible.



World transport

Our network of agents and logistics partners around the globe, we can support your buying, selling and logistics processes anywhere in the world.

24h aviliability

Our job is to understand the nature of your business and assist in optimizing your logistics processes with 24 hours support.

Client support

We understand your specific needs and expectations.The client team will develop, implement, and maintain standard operating procedures.


Managing Team


Managing Director

Wallie Kamara

Mr.  Wallie Kamara is the Founder and CEO of the Eagle Cargo Services.


General Manager

Alimi M. Kargbo

Mr. Alimi M. Kargo is the General Manager of the Eagle Cargo Services.


Operations Manager

Mohamed Saiba Kamara

Mr. Mohamed Saiba Kamara is the Operation Manager of the Eagle Cargo Services.

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